National School of RV Park and Campground Management

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Who attends the school?

A: Everyone. Students at the school have a wide range of industry experience ranging from absolutely no industry experience to prospective owners to those with many years of experience. Those new to the industry and prospective owners get a chance to explore the business side of running a park and experienced owners/managers enjoy the opportunity to discover the "state of the art" practices. Benefits of attendance include the perspectives of a varied student body, the intensity of the learning experience, networking with students and faculty, and the new information learned. Each year, many park employees with management responsibilities find the school to be a valuable addition to their personal and professional preparation and growth.


Q. I’m thinking about buying a park. Would I benefit from the school?

A: You do not need to own a campground to attend the National School. Many people have found that attendance at the school helps them better understand the industry and campground operations. Attendance can reaffirm a decision to purchase a park or work in the industry or in some cases, it may lead to the opposite. Many of the class and informal discussions get especially detailed, and those with no operating experience will gain considerable insights into the business of campground management.


Q. How much credit do I earn toward the Outdoor Hospitality Education Program (OHEP) Certificate Program by attending the school?

A: When enrolled in the OHEP Certificate Program at the Management level, those attending their first year of the National School of RV Park and Campground Management have the opportunity to complete a majority of the work to obtain this Certificate, with little to no follow-up work, through the Fast Track program. At graduation from your second year of the National School of RV Park and Campground Management you will qualify to enter and begin completing the Professional level of the OHEP Certificate Program.


Q. How are the school's courses different from those offered at ARVC or my state association’s conference?

A: While some of the topics may be comparable, the school provides an extensive exploration of the subject matter needed to effectively own or operate a campground or RV park. The school sessions capitalize on both the instructors' and students' experiences in small group settings that offer theory, best business practices, and practical applications of the material.


Q. My employer doesn’t think the school is important and won’t fund my participation, but I feel it will help my career. Are scholarships available for folks like me?

A: Yes. Click on the Scholarships tab, or contact ARVC or your state campground association for more information about scholarships and eligibility requirements.


Q: How much is the tuition for the school and how do I register?

A: Tuition for arvc members is $795 per person, and tuition for non-members is $895.


Q: What if I register and later cannot attend? What is the cancellation policy?

A: For Early Bird registrations, a $50 cancelation fee applies if canceled more than 3 months before the session; no refund if canceled within 3 months of the session. For Full registrations, a $50 cancelation fee applies if canceled more than 3 months before the session; a $300 cancelation fee applies if canceled between 3 months and 2 months before the session; and no refund if canceled within 30 days of the session. More specific cancelation dates will be listed on your tuition registration confirmation.


Q: How much is the lodging for the school and how do I make my reservation?

A: Lodging arrangements are made separately from your tuition registration. You will receive a registration confirmation email after you sign-up for one of the school campuses. Included in this email will be hotel contact information along with a booking code to ensure you get the correct rate.


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