Professional Certificate Program

To earn your Outdoor Hospitality Professional (OHP) Certificate, individuals must demonstrate knowledge in the key areas listed below.

The Professional Assessment will help you identify where you have knowledge gaps related to the required knowledge. For areas where additional knowledge is required, we encourage you to take a course on the topic or identify a learning method that works best for you. Courses will be available online beginning in Spring 2018.

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Once you are confident that you know the information contained in all topic areas, you may continue to the "Final Exam."

In addition to successfully completing the Professional Assessment, individuals must submit the following documents: Business Assessment, Business Plan, Personal Development Plan, Risk Assessment, Management Certificate, twenty-four (24) months of experience, attendance at a minimum of one industry conference/learning event, involvement in a community/industry group committee.

Courses Include:

1. Project Management (.2 CEU)
2. Training and Performance (.3 CEU)
3. Financial Management (.2 CEU)
4. Operations Management II (.3 CEU)
5. Marketing II (.2 CEU)
6. Employment Law II (.2 CEU)
7. Legal Compliance (.2 CEU)
8. Business Planning II (.3 CEU)
9. Guest Experience II (.2 CEU)
10. Risk Management II (.2 CEU)
11. Strategic Planning
12. Introduction to Professional Certificate
13. Professional Certificate Verification Class (.2 CEU)
14. Year 2 Case Study (.3 CEU)


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