Generalist Certificate Program

To successfully earn your Outdoor Hospitality Generalist Certificate (OHG) individuals must successfully complete the Generalist Assessment, submit a signed Code of Ethics and have a minimum of three (3) months experience.

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Four reasons to complete your Generalist Certificate requirements:

  1. Greater career opportunities and advancement.
  2. Recognition for your accomplishments and ability to meet national standards.
  3. Expansion of your skills and knowledge to enhance the quality of your business.
  4. Discounts on arvc and ARVC Foundation educational events and resources including the National School of RV Park and Campground Management and the Outdoor Hospitality Conference and Expo.

This program consists of an Initial Assessment, required coursework, and a Final Assessment. Check your general knowledge by completing the Initial Assessment before enrolling.

The Final Assessment includes the following:

  1. Code of Ethics Submission: Submit signed Commitment to Ethical Behavior form (15 points)
  2. Experience Verification: Submit completed Generalist Experience Verification form (20 points)
  3. Knowledge Assessment: Demonstrates knowledge of all areas within the program. (25 points possible, minimum 22 points required)
  4. Application Assessment: Demonstrates application of key areas within the program. (40 points possible, minimum 36 points required)

An overall total score of 95 is required to earn the Generalist Certificate.


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