CEU Process

In order for a course to award CEUs the ARVC Foundation must ensure it meets the high standards required. This includes instructor qualifications, course design and event management.

Instructor may be qualified to teach a CEU course by agreeing to adhere to the ARVC Foundation policies and demonstrating they have the knowledge necessary to teach the desired topic(s). Individuals who wish to be prequalified to teach may complete the following qualifying paperwork.

1. Signed Policy Agreement

2. Instructor Approval Form with attached Resume

In addition to the instructor being qualified, the course itself must be approved.  Course designers who wish to get their courses preapproved may complete the following approval documents and submit with all course handouts, activities, and presentation materials.

1. CEU Approval Form

2. Course Overview Form

3. Pilot Study

4. Design Document

Prequalified Instructors and Preapproved Courses may be used anytime throughout the calendar year in which it was approved. To retain instructor qualification and course approval the related annual document must be submitted to the ARVC Foundation Education Committee for review by January 31 each year.

1. Instructor: Professional Development Form

2. Course: Annual Report

Instructors and Courses designed specifically for presentation at a conference must be submitted to the ARVC Foundation Education Committee by Event Managers for review and approval prior to offering CEUs. Courses where CEUs are not being offered do not need to be submitted to the ARVC Foundation. Required paperwork for instructors and courses, which were not preapproved, must be submitted using the following forms at least six weeks prior to the courses being offered.

1. CEU Request Coversheet

2. CEU Approval Form for each course

3. Course Overview Form for each course

4. All Handouts, Activities, and Presentation Material for each course

5. Signed Policy Statement for each instructor

6. Speaker Bio Form for each instructor

In addition, the following forms must be submitted at least six weeks prior to the conference if any course is being offered for CEUs. 

1. Event Request & Verification Form for each classroom

2. Sample Marketing Materials for conference

Upon approval, the following documents will be provided to the Event Manager for use during the conference. Within 30 days of completion of each conference, Event Managers must submit completed items to the ARVC Foundation.

1. Attendance Sheets

2. CEU Request Cards

3. Evaluation Forms

In addition, the following materials and templates are available and can be customized by request to the ARVC Foundation.

1. Tent Card (Word)

2. Speaker Agreement

3. Speaker Information Form

4. Presentation Template (PowerPoint)

5. Handout Cover Page (Word)

6. Marketing Statement for CEU Offerings

The ARVC Foundation maintains all student information and CEU documentation in a confidential manner. Students may requests transcripts from the ARVC Foundation at any time.


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